Definition : Board of directors - Virtual meeting

Board meeting that has only online directors via a virtual event platform. Article 344 of the Civil Code of Québec stipulates in this respect, that if all the directors agree, they may, participate in a meeting of the board of directors by the use of a means which allows all those participating to communicate directly with each other. The Minister of Justice's comments provide the example of a conference call.

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The board of directors occupies an important function in co-ownership governance. It holds meetings as often as the interest of the collectivity of co-owners require and addresses any matter that concerns the syndicate’s good management. These meetings are moderated by a president who ensures their efficient conduct. Directors can debate and reflect upon the orientations to give to their co-ownership. The more carefully and methodically the meetings are prepared, the more motivated and interested the members will be to participate thereto. Moreover, precise rules must be followed imperatively, otherwise the decisions taken could be invalidated.
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In order for the board of directors to validly deliberate and make decisions, the declarations of co-ownership generally provide that a minimum number of directors must participate to the meeting. This requirement is called the quorum. Unless the board of directors is composed of a single director, the quorum at a meeting of the board of directors is generally set by the By-laws of the immovable by a majority of the current directors.
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