Definition : Co-owner - Majority co-owner

Co-owner holding, in virtue of his ownership right, more votes than the sum of votes of the other co-owners.

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We are only two co-owners and directors. When I arrived a year ago, there was no management of the co-ownership, no assembly. I have held two meetings for a year and informed the other co-owner of the legislation in terms of co-ownership and the existence of the declaration of co-ownership, the latter having no notion on this subject. In addition, a year ago, I told him that his balcony needed to be repaired since it was flowing (rust) on my patio. Each co-owner must see to the maintenance of the balcony and patio. He mentioned to me that he was aware that it had been in this state for at least 4 years. I was afraid that the balcony would collapse this winter with the weight of the snow. We are the two signatories on the account. Therefore, I could not undertake the work on behalf of the syndicate. Questions: What can I do to require the work to be done quickly? Send him a formal notice ? I may no longer have his collaboration at all, which is already difficult.
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The right to vote is recognized as an essential element of any modern society, and as such, co-owners cannot be deprived of it except as provided in the law. In addition, each co-owner has, in principle, at the meeting a number of votes proportional to the relative value of his fraction. However, in certain circumstances, it is provided that the co-owner may have his right to vote suspended or reduced, by the sole effect of the law. It is important to know who may be affected by these restrictions and what the consequences are.The voting rights of the co-owners of the immovable can, in certain circumstances, be suspended or reduced. It is important to know who may be affected by these restrictions and their consequences.
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