Definition : Co-ownership by phases - Initial co-ownership

Co-ownership established within the framework of setting-up a co-ownership by phase. The private portions are generally constituted of the lots intended to receive a building. Each of these lots is governed, once the building erected, by a concomitant declaration of co-ownership. The  common portions are on their part constituted of the land and other equipment destined to the community of the co-owners of the project, such as the roadways, the outside parkings or the swimming pool.

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  The Board of Directors (the Board) is made up of members called directors. Their appointment is subject to certain formalities. In this regard, article 1084 of the Civil Code of Québec provides that the composition of the Board of the syndicate, the method of appointment, replacement or remuneration of the directors, as well as the other terms and conditions of their office, are fixed by the by-laws of an immovable.
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La copropriété par phases permet au promoteur d’étaler la conception d’un projet immobilier sur plusieurs années, et de moduler le rythme des travaux de construction selon l’évolution des ventes d’unités. Cette formule implique que le promoteur, plutôt que d’établir une fois pour toutes la copropriété qu’il veut créer, procède par étapes.
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