Definition : Common expenses (condo fees) - Request for common expenses statement

A request addressed to the syndicate by a person who intend to purchase a fraction of a co-ownership , in accordance with article 1069 of the Civil Code of Québec to ascertain the amount of common expenses owing to the syndicate in relation to said fraction. The request can also be made by the real estate broker of the purchaser or the acting notary to the deed of sale . A member of the Board of Directors of the Syndicate , or sometimes the manager responds in writing.

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Before buying the apartment of your dreams, find out about the status of the common expenses associated with it, especially those that may have remained unpaid by the seller. Common expenses, better known as " condo fees", which you will have to pay once you become a homeowner, are an essential component to consider. They correspond to the current expenses that you will have to pay regularly for the operation, the administration of the co-ownership and the maintenance of the common portions. Each co-owner participates and generally pays them at the beginning of each month.  
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