Definition : Common expenses (condo fees) - Request for common expenses statement

A request addressed to the syndicate by a person who intend to purchase a fraction of a co-ownership , in accordance with article 1069 of the Civil Code of Québec to ascertain the amount of common expenses owing to the syndicate in relation to said fraction. The request can also be made by the real estate broker of the purchaser or the acting notary to the deed of sale . A member of the Board of Directors of the Syndicate , or sometimes the manager responds in writing.

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Common expenses or “condo fees”; you will have to pay them once you become an co-owner. They are an important element to consider before your purchase.
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The civil liability of a director for the tasks incumbent upon him is largely unrecognised. It should be noted that failure to act with prudence, diligence, honesty and loyalty in the performance of his duties may engage his personal liability. A director must always keep in mind the interest of the co-owners' community. Thousands of Quebecers who sit on an annual basis on a Board of Directors, such as yourself perhaps, are unaware of this reality.
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