Definition : Damage - Moral damage

Damage related to the mindset or feelings, for example, a violation to the honor, the dignity, the reputation or right to privacy.

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  The windows of our unit are at the end of their lives, according to a specialist who changed the thermos of a window that don't 2 windows have already cracked. Despite my express request to the syndicate to change our windows, he prefers to wait a few years to change all the windows. We have been losing the enjoyment of one of our main windows for 2 years. Its opening is a danger, because it is too heavy, weighs on the closing mechanism, and I am afraid that it falls from the 4th floor, or that the thermos breaks again. Question:  What do you think are our remedies?
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La copropriété est un environnement propice aux conflits et aux échanges acrimonieux. Certaines personnes membres d’une collectivité de copropriétaires en sont parfois victimes. Cela peut notamment se produire lors d’une assemblée générale annuelle, lorsque les esprits s’échauffent et que les frustrations sont à leur comble. Conflits larvés entre un copropriétaire et un administrateur, profond désaccord au sujet d’une résolution mise au vote, débordements à la suite d’une tension insoutenable sont autant d’exemples qui illustrent qu’en pareilles situations, des propos diffamatoires ou injurieux peuvent être exprimés.
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The Law and the overwhelming majority of declarations of co-ownership require that syndicates of co-owners insure their building. This may seem surprising at first glance as the syndicate does not own the private portions nor the common portions. However, its main object is to ensure the preservation and the longevity of the building and to manage and administer it diligently following rules of the trade. This is why the legislator has given to the syndicate an insurable interest and has made it compulsory that it subscribe building insurance.  
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A co-owner may be liable to the syndicate, the other co-owners and the occupants of the immovable. As stated in Article 1457 of the Civil Code of Québec, every person has a duty not to harm others. As a co-owner, you must be careful and abide to the appropriate rules of conduct in accordance with the context and circumstances. Otherwise, you engage your civil liability and are required to remedy (financially third parties for moral or property damage and  personal injury.    
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