Definition : Developer - Loss of control by the developer

The situation of the developer who no longer holds the majority of the votes at the meeting of the co-owners.

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The law regulates the liability of contractors and building professionals for any problem related to the quality of construction work. In this regard, the legislator has provided for a specific protection regime for divided co-ownership. Section 1081 of the Civil Code of Québec recognizes the legal interest of any syndicate of co-owners to assert the rights of all co-owners to correct defects that appear, in the short or long term. This could occur during the initial construction of the building, or during work carried out several years after its erection. In short, when problems affect the common portions, the syndicate benefits from several legal warranties. Among them is the one against latent defects, design or construction defects. These warranties are worth their weight in gold, because very often, the cost of the work to be carried out in a co-ownership can be substantial.
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Expenses related to the maintenance and administration of the common portions of a co-ownerships start from its constitution as a legal person. It is therefore necessary that each co-ownership sets up, upon publication of the declaration of co-ownership, a Board of Directors to administer it. To ensure the star up of the syndicate, the developer usually designates in the declaration of co-ownership (by-laws of the immovable), one of its representatives to act as the provisional administrator of the syndicate.
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Nous venons d’effectuer la première assemblée des copropriétaires pour élire le nouveau conseil d’administration remplaçant ainsi le promoteur, qui a ainsi perdu le contrôle de l’immeuble. Mais ce dernier n’a rendu aucun compte sur son administration depuis la construction de l’immeuble ! Quels droits avons-nous à son encontre?
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