Definition : Director - Appointment

Action of appointing a natural person to sit on the board of directors of a syndicate of co-owners. The method of appointment of directors is determined by the declaration of co-ownership which generally provides that the appointment of a director falls within the competence of the meeting of the co-owners.

  WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW! The first director, the provisional director, is generally appointed by the developer under the terms of the declaration of co-ownership. Subsequently, other directors are appointed, generally following a ballot (election), held at the special transitional general meeting.

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Expenses related to the maintenance and administration of the common portions of a co-ownerships start from its constitution as a legal person. It is therefore necessary that each co-ownership sets up, upon publication of the declaration of co-ownership, a Board of Directors to administer it. This board of directors is the executive body of the syndicate and its legal representative. Its members act as the mandataries of the syndicate. To ensure the star up of the syndicate, the developer usually designates in the declaration of co-ownership (by-laws of the immovable), one of its representatives to act as the interim director of the syndicate. His role is to accompany the co-owners, manage the co-ownership and see to the organization of the special transition meeting to elect the new directors to constitute the board of directors.
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Question: What happens if the owners do not find among them the three directors required by the declaration of co-ownership? Is it possible to outsource this mandate, that is to say to a consulting firm?
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The provisions related to the appointment and replacement of the directors are provided for in the By-laws of the immovable (2nd part of the declaration of co-ownership). In their absence, they are also found in the Civil Code of Quebec (C.C.Q.). The law thus leaves it to the co-owners to establish themselves, in their declaration of co-ownership, the rules that best suit them. However, the appointment of directors generally falls within the competence of the general meeting of co‑owners, although the declaration of co-ownership may provide for other provisions.
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