Definition : Director - Death

The time when there is an irreversible cessation of all brain functions in a natural person. In the event of the death of the director, his term of office automatically ends. The death of a director entails the obligation for the syndicate of co-owners to file a current updating statement with the “Registraire des entreprises du Québec (REQ)” (Quebec Enterprise Registrar) within 30 days of the death, in order to update the information concerning the legal person.

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  Section 339 of the Civil Code of Quebec establishes as a basic rule that the term of office of a director is one year. The By-law of the immovable usually describe all the terms and conditions specific to the office of director, including the duration of his mandate. Thus, a syndicate of co-owners may, at the end of the By-law of the immovable, extend the duration of the building to more than one year (for example to two or three years). At the end of the stipulated term, the term of office shall continue if it is not denounced. Consequently, if no co-owner objects to the actions of the directors, they may continue to exercise the powers conferred on them. A director remains in office until the next annual meeting, whether before or after the end of one year. He is a director at the meeting until he has been replaced by the election of a new director in order to prevent the syndicate from being without a director in the event that the election cannot be held at that time as a result of an adjournment or otherwise.
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