Definition : Director - Remuneration of directors

The action of a paying a director in consideration of the work carried out for the benefit of the syndicate of co-owners.

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The juridical personality of the syndicate is distinct from the one of the co-owners and directors. His acts are binding only on himself, besides for the exceptions provided by law. The faults committed by the syndicate have consequences only on its own civil liability and not on the directors. Under these conditions, they are held harmless by the syndicate and assume no responsibility for any costs, expenses, charges or losses they have incurred for the administration of the building and the syndicate. This is the basic principle, but it is important to bring several nuances to it. Indeed, a director must never lose sight of the interest of the community of co-owners.
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Être administrateur de copropriété n'est certes pas toujours facile. Cette charge est lourde de responsabilités et comporte des hauts et des bas. Mais l'important, c'est qu'à la fin de son mandat, tout administrateur ait le sentiment du devoir accompli.
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Most co-ownership directors assume this activity free of charge, effectively excluding the collection of any amount of money. But, contrary to popular belief, they can be paid. Usually, the remuneration granted to a director is mainly symbolic and is not similar to a remuneration similar to that paid to a condominium manager. Their remuneration takes various forms: salary, honorariums and attendance fees, just to name a few. This financial compensation, a part of the administrative expenses of the co-ownership, may also include the reimbursement of some expenses incurred by a director.
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Nos administrateurs souhaitent percevoir une rémunération car ils considèrent que cette fonction leur prend beaucoup de leur temps et de leur énergie. Nous n'avons pas assez de budget pour cela. Un des administrateurs a dit lors de la dernière assemblée que ça n'avait pas de sens de faire ça bénévolement et que le syndicat avait l'obligation de rémunérer les administrateurs. Question: Est-ce que c'est vrai que la Loi nous oblige à rémunérer les administrateurs?
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