Definition : Divided co-ownership - Termination of co-ownership

Termination of the common ownership of a property by several persons. The termination of the divided co-ownership of an immovable entails the extinction of the syndicate of co-owners, which must then be liquidated. The co-ownership may be terminated by a decision of the general meeting of the co-owners and the written consent of the hypothecary creditors of all co-owners.

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  The divided co-ownership of an immovable is not necessarily destined to last forever. The termination of the co-ownership, and by the same token the dissolution and liquidation of the syndicate, is a question that will eventually arise for some co-ownerships. Furthermore, its termination is governed by articles 1108 and 1109 of the Civil Code of Québec, which refer to the rules applicable to legal persons concerning their liquidation.
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