Definition : Insurance - Assignment of debt

The legal operation by which a person assigns to a third party its rights and recourses against another person. This operation of Law allows, for example, a co-owner to assign to the enterprise who has carried out emergency work on an immovable suffering a loss the amounts he is entitled to receive from his insurer in relation thereto, in order that the contractor be paid directly by the insurer for his work.

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Co-ownership claims are numerous: water leak, water damage, vandalism, fire, etc. If the loss affects the common and private portions of the co-ownership, it is up  to the board of directors to take care of the claim of loss with  the insurer of the syndicate and the repair of the latter. Effective management of a loss requires the implementation  of prompt and effective actions so that your building is repaired in the best delays. This article is a summary, of the precautions to be taken and a check list of things to do once you become aware of a loss, whether in a private or common portion of your immovable.  
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