Definition : Insurance - Civil liability

Legal obligation for a natural person or legal person to repair the damage caused to a third party resulting from his failure to comply with:

The extracontractual liability of a person may be caused by his or her act or by the persons to whom he or she is liable or by the things of which he is entrusted with the custody.

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I just suffered a major disaster caused by the breakage of the water supply pipe in my neighbour's shower. The water damage significantly affected my apartment and movable property. I had to be relocated for more than a month to the hotel. To make matters worse, I was not insured for this damage. However, I do not know if the defective pipe is in the common portion of the building or in the private portion of my neighbour. Question: Am I entitled to claim from my neighbour or the syndicate the sums I have had to pay so far?   
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