Definition : Insurance - Independent claims adjuster

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Le fonds d’auto assurance est affecté au paiement des franchises prévues par les assurances souscrites par le syndicat et d'un montant additionnel raisonnable Questions : Qu'est-ce qu'un montant additionnel raisonnable? Comment fait-on pour connaitre la somme additionnelle? On doit se fier sur quoi exactement pour définir la somme additionnelle?
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Your co-ownership is exposed to various risks, as an example, fires, water damages, theft and acts of vandalism, which are required to be insured against. When a loss occurs, the insurance of a co-ownership covers the building as well as the general liability of the syndicate of co-owners. For the syndicate, subscribing to this type of insurance is mandatory. The law and most Acts of co‑ownership require it. The insurance contract specifies the coverages offered, as well coverage limits and exclusions, in addition to the deductible amounts.
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In the event of a claim, the insured, whether a co-owner or a syndicate of co-owners, must declare its occurrence to his insurer. The latter will generally appoint a claims adjuster who will guide him through the steps of the claim. The claims adjuster may also be mandated by syndicates of co-owners. This reality is even more true because of the importance of the insurance deductibles, sometimes unreasonable, that they have to bear, leaving them with all the responsibility of managing the loss. Investigating the circumstances of a disaster, assessing the damage caused by a claim and negotiating a settlement are the three key functions of this certified professional.  
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Water damage is the leading cause of loss in co-ownership. It is more and more costly, for syndicates and their insurers. In the last ten years, occurrences of water damages in co-ownership have more than doubled. Lack of maintenance, sub-standard construction and climate changes are the main culprits. In most cases water damage affects equally common and private portions, thus it is one of the most complex loss to adjust.  
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