Definition : Insurance - Insurance indemnity

Amount paid out by the insurer to the insured or to a third party following a loss covered by the insurance policy.

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Une nouvelle réalité frappe plusieurs syndicats de copropriétaires au Québec: la perte de leur assureur, et l'obligation, dans plusieurs cas, de se tourner vers le marché de l'assurance secondaire, où les primes et les franchises sont prohibitives.
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Almost every insurance policy includes deductibles, in varying amounts according to the insured risk (e.g. fire and water damage). In co-ownerships, deductibles are a factor in the Building insurance, and in the third party liability insurance of the syndicate, directors, general meeting officers, co-ownership manager (gérant) and of the condo manager (gestionnaire). Regarding co-owner’s insurance, generally each home insurance policy contains one or more deductibles for various amounts according with the nature of the loss.  
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