Definition : Insurance - Material change in risk

New circumstances which increases the risks or which create new risks. These circumstances render false or obsolete the information given to the insurer at the time of the subscription of the insurance policy. 

WARNING ! The insured is bound to promptly notify the insurer of any circumstances that increases the risks stipulated in the policy and that result from events within his control if they are such as to materially influence an insurer in setting the rate of the premium, appraising the risk or deciding to continue to insure it.

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The insurance premiums are the amount paid by the insured monthly or annually to benefit in the event of a claim from the guarantees in the insurance policy. It is an expense towards the preservation, maintenance and administration of the immovable. Although the syndicate assumes this cost, it is charged back to the co-owners as a portion of their common expenses (condo fees). However, in recent years, there has been an increase in the amount of insurance premiums for most syndicates of co-owners. Two main factors are at issue: the general ageing of this stock of collective dwellings and the increase in claims caused by the failure to carry out maintenancework  on the building.  But the complexity of the insurance system also has its share of responsibility.
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The additional premium is a premium that is added to the existing premium. It results from a worsening of the risk or from the assumption of a new risk. This additional premium may be imposed during the course of a contract or upon its renewal. Risks are analyzed according to scales that are specific to each insurer. Ultimately, the syndicate will pay this additional premium, which will be charged to all of the co-owners through the common expenses (condo fees) or, at times, some of them.
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Renting your apartment to tourists, exposes you to various claims. This could be the case in cases where it is recognized that you are legally responsible for a guest who injures themselves or has their personal belongings damaged or stolen during their stay in your apatement. While some short-term residential rental websites offer insurance for this, it is still essential to inform both your home insurer and your syndicate's insurer that you are engaged in such an activity. Remember that the insured must declare to his insurer any circumstance resulting from his actions that aggravates the risks stipulated in the insurance policy. This will avoid horror stories during a disaster.  
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