Definition : Insurance - Primary insurance

Insurance intended to cover a loss, before other insurance that the insured or a third party may have subscribed. In divided co-ownership, when insurance policies against the same risks and covering the same property has been subscribed separately by the syndicate of co-owners and by a co-owner, those subscribed by the syndicate constitutes primary insurance.

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The concept of water damage refers to the damage caused to property by the action of water: it can be a pipe that bursts because of the frost, the drain pipe of the washing machine that breaks or the bathtub that overflows. Often impressive, water damage is probably the most recurrent problem in co-ownership. As proof, over the past ten years, the proportion of this type of loss has more than doubled. They thus represent the first cause of loss. They are also becoming more and more expensive, whether for syndicates or their insurers. In order to manage the consequences of water damage upstream, you will find below sub-sheets dealing with this issue.    
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