Definition : Legal recourse - Application for cancellation or modification of a decision of the assembly of co-owners

Judicial application by which a co-owner ask the court to annul or, exceptionally, to amend a decision of the general meeting if the decision is biased, if it was taken with intent to injure the co-owners or in contempt of their rights, or if an error was made in counting the votes.

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La webradio du mercredi 12 avril 2023 a porté sur les recours judiciaires en copropriété. Dans le monde de la copropriété, il est fréquent que des discordes surgissent. Il en est ainsi pour une dispute avec un copropriétaire, des vices cachés, le non-respect de la déclaration de copropriété ou encore une demande visant à annuler ou modifier une décision du conseil d’administration ou de l’assemblée des copropriétaires. Ce type de contentieux peut affecter le bon fonctionnement d’une copropriété et le bien vivre en copropriété. Si certains peuvent se résoudre à l’amiable, d’autres nécessitent l’intervention d’un tiers. Quels sont les recours lors d’un conflit en copropriété ? À qui s’adresser en cas de litige ?
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  A co-owner (formerly president) wants to modify the minutes of the meeting of co-owners that took place two years in the screen. At our last meeting of co-owners, this minutes were adopted last year by all the co-owners present and represented at the time. Currently, three out of six co-owners are new, so were not present at this last meeting of co-owners. In the circumstances, I find it difficult to see how a vote can be credible. This same co-owner always wants to change or remove sentences from the minutes according to his personal opinion and whichdoes not correspond to reality. Question: Can we amend a minutes that were adopted 2 years ago?
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  Irregularities noted at a meeting of co-owners do not make the decisions taken non-existent, but voidable. Consequently, the co-owner who intends to invoke the irregularity of a decision must initiate a legal proceeding, in accordance with article 1103 of the Civil Code of Quebec. Wishing to promote the stability of the decisions taken by the assembly, the legislature allows such a remedy to be brought only in certain circumstances. Thus, any co-owner may ask the court to annul or, exceptionally, modify a decision of the meeting of co-owners if it is partial, if it was taken with the intention of harming the co-owners or in disregard of their rights, or if an error occurred in the calculation of votes.  
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