Definition : Legal recourse - Written pleading

Document drafted in accordance with certain rules provided, without limitation, by the Code of Civil Procedure and that the parties (the plaintiff or the defendant) or their lawyer use to present their claim or their allegations before the courts to institute or contest a legal recourse.

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For the promising buyer, the offer to purchase is a way to reserve a property on conditions that he sets himself. When signing an offer to purchase, it may be that certain aspects surrounding the sale are beyond its control. This will happen, for example, if they have to sell their principal residence before buying, or if they need to get a mortgage before acquiring the new property. To this could be added another imponderable, that is to say that it may lack information to carry out a due diligence verification before the purchase. For this reason, offers to purchase generally include an obligation that is described as conditional, which is recorded as a suspensive condition.
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