Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Compulsory complementary documents

Documents required to be sent to the co-owners, at the same time as the notice of meeting, in order to complete the items that will be dealt with during the  meeting of co-owners, for example the budget forecast or a draft amendment to the declaration of co-ownership.

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The statement of earnings is essential for performance assessment and informed decision-making. This statement is expressly required by the article 1087 of the Civil Code of Québec. It states that the income statement, in addition to the balance sheet, the  budget  and the statement of debts and claims, must accompany the notice of the annual meeting.
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With respect to the Annual General Meeting, the article 1087 of the Civil Code of Québec provides that certain documents must be attached to the notice of meeting.These documents are to be sent to co-owners so that they can ascertain the exact nature of the questions and issues to be discussed. Some of these documents, described in the agenda, are a prerequisite to the validity of the decision (such as, a draft amendment to the declaration of co-ownership ). Other documents are, on the other hand, necessary for the information of the co-owners (such as, the budget forecast and the report of the Board of Directors)  
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