Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Hybrid meeting of co-owners

Assembly of co-owners that includes both participants present in the room and participants online via a virtual event platform. Sections 1088.1 and 1089.1, introduced into the Civil Code of Quebec by Bill 103, now authorize the holding of a hybrid meeting of co-owners. This bill came into force on December 9, 2021. In order to establish the terms and conditions for holding such a meeting, the meeting of co-owners may adopt a by-law.

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Due to covid, the board of directors of our building has held the meeting of co-owners on a ZOOM platform for the past two years. Despite this trouble shooting option, the result was unsatisfactory overall. Today, the co-owners are preparing a petition for the board of directors to return for the next annual meeting scheduled for the end of two months, in the usual format, a face-to-face meeting. Questions: How many signatures are required to respond to our request? What is the deadline we have to meet to transmit this petition to the directors of our syndicate ?
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The COVID-19 health crisis and its procession of government restrictions to limit gatherings have often made it impossible to regroup. The legislator was forced to organize the rescue of legal persons, banned from assemblies, to preserve, at least for a time, their functioning. The syndicates of co-owners have thus adopted alternatives to face-to-face meetings of co-owners. Social distancing obliges, COVID-19 has given rise to a phenomenon in co-ownership: virtual meetings of co-owners, also called remote meetings. In order to perpetuate this way of doing things, the law now authorizes syndicates of co-owners to hold meetings by technological means.
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