Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Information meeting

Meeting of the co-owners convened between two annual meetings. It occurs when the board of directors wishes to inform the co-owners on a particular subject (e.g. garage renovation work) or to consult them (e.g., lobby decoration project). At such meetings, no decisional vote is taken.

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Whatever building chosen, all co-owners, without exception, are expected to participate to the Meetings of co-owners. Thus they can vote on the questions on the agenda, and take various decisions necessary for the sound operation of the co-ownership. These Meetings will vary according to circumstances. This factsheet is an overview of the various types of Meetings that may be held in a co-ownership:
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There is an administrative component in co-ownership Management that should not be neglected; its proper implementation will ensure the smooth operation of the syndicate of co-owners. The contractual agreement between the latter and the manager, may stipulate that various assignments – all equally important - allocated to the manager. If many cases, his duties will be numerous and will require not only thorough knowledge of the declaration of co-ownership, but also reasonable knowledge of the legislative framework governing this collective housing mode. A review of the range of duties that can be entrusted to co-ownership managers.
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