Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Notice of amendment to the agenda

A notice sent to the co-owners by the Board of Directors indicating the matters to be added to the agenda to give effect to the request of a co-owner.

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Question: Some co-owners of our syndicate want to put a resolution to a vote at our next annual meeting. What are the steps to follow? Do we have to send the text of our draft resolution to the board members in advance, or can we do that during the meeting? Is there a particular legal procedure to follow? At the time of the meeting, if certain corrections need to be made to the text of the resolution, can this be done during the meeting, or should another meeting be called to present and vote on the new text of the resolution?
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TEMPLATE LETTER REQUESTING THE INCLUSION OF A QUESTION THE AGENDA     The ___________ At syndicate _____________ (exact name of the Syndicate of co-owners), I, the undersigned, __________________________________ (first name, last name and address of the co-owner) owner of the fraction of co-ownership bearing the civic number _________________, appartement ______, at_______________________  (city and postal code), wish you to include on the agenda of the next meeting of co-owners the following question: [Describe]  Example: Draft amendment to the declaration of co-ownership concerning [describe], this draft resolution, the text of which is attached to this application, must be communicated to the co-owners before the meeting and submitted to the vote of the meeting.
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The first step in preparing a meeting of co-owners is to establish a complete agenda. This document summarizes all the questions that will have to be voted on during this general meeting. It thus lists the resolutions that will be debated and voted. Although there is no formalism surrounding its fine drafting, the agenda must be sufficiently precise. He must thus mention all the questions and points that will be submitted at the meeting. Sent to all the co-owners, this program makes it possible to organize the course of the session. Attached to the notice calling the meeting, the agenda is accompanied by the documents necessary for the reflection of the voters.
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A question often arises whether a co-owner can modify the agenda received with his notice of call to the Annual General Meeting, either before or during the General Meeting? The General Meeting of co-owners is governed by strict legal rules that you should know about. In principle the General Meeting deliberates only on the questions inscribed on the agenda before holding the General Meeting. Otherwise, any decision taken upon a question illegally placed on the agenda is null and void and may be subject to a legal challenge.
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