Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Quorum

See : Quorum at the meeting of co-owners


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Decisions taken by co-owners in a general meeting must be recorded and entered in the minutes. This document is essential for a co-ownership because it ensures the written preservation of the deliberations or consultation of the general meeting, as well as the result of each vote so that any co-owner and director can refer to it in due course. It also allows to ascertain that the general meeting was conducted in accordance with the rules. Given its importance, this document must respect a certain formalism.  
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The General Meeting of the co-owners is one of the two decision-making bodies of the syndicate.  You should be aware that co-ownership life implies that the co-owners or their representatives meet, occasionally, to discuss and vote upon important decisions. This occurs at General Meetings of the co-owners, which is the prime democratic body in the co-ownership. Their conduct obeys certain rules of form and content. An overview of the various specific aspects of  General Meetings of the co-owners.    
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It is possible to make a decision without having a meeting. Article 354 of the Civil Code of Québec recognizes the value of a written resolution: "Resolutions in writing signed by all the persons qualified to vote at a meeting are as valid as if passed at a meeting of the board of directors, at a general meeting or at a meeting of any other organ”. Co-owners and directors may make a decision by the means of a resolution in writing, without any general meeting of the board of directors or meeting of co-owners being held as such. This mechanism is provided by law, when it is not essential for a meeting or a general meeting to be convened, since the salient points of the subject to be discussed have already been dealt with, to everyone’s satisfaction. This is to avoid cumbersome formalism, although written resolutions should be used with caution and parsimony.
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In our co-ownership, there is a clear disinterest of the co-owners which results in a very low attendance at the meetings of the co-owners. For a number of years now we have had difficulty reaching the quorum. The situation is difficult because decisions that sometimes happen to be made are not followed. Question: What is there to do with such disinterest?
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