Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Recording

Operation which consists in keeping a lasting trace of the debates of a meeting of co-owners in order to listen to it later.

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The meeting of the co-owners was registered with the permission of the co-owners. Questions: As a co-owner, do I have the right to get a copy of the registration? Could the syndicate refuse me that? If so, why?
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The minutes of the meeting are a document of paramount importance to ensure the execution of the decisions of the meeting. Therefore, the decisions taken by co-owners in a general meeting must be recorded and entered in the minutes. This document is essential for a co-ownership because it ensures the written preservation of the deliberations or consultation of the general meeting, as well as the result of each vote so that any co-owner and director can refer to it in due course. It also allows to ascertain that the general meeting was conducted in accordance with the rules. Given its importance, this document must respect a certain formalism.
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