Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Supplementary agenda

New agenda adding questions to those listed in the original agenda in order that they be submitted to the vote of the general meeting of co-owners. Any co-owner may request from the board of directors the inclusion, on the agenda, of any other question, within 5 days of receipt of the notice of meeting.

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Les assemblées de copropriétaire doivent être tenues en bonne et due forme, car il s'agit d'un des deux organes décisionnels d'une copropriété, l'autre étant le conseil d'administration. Des décisions importantes s'y prennent. Par conséquent, il est primordial qu'elles se déroulent dans les règles de l'art.
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A question often arises whether a co-owner can modify the agenda received with his notice of call to the Annual General Meeting, either before or during the General Meeting? The General Meeting of co-owners is governed by strict legal rules that you should know about. In principle the General Meeting deliberates only on the questions inscribed on the agenda before holding the General Meeting. Otherwise, any decision taken upon a question illegally placed on the agenda is null and void and may be subject to a legal challenge.
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