Definition : Meeting Officers - Conditions of eligibility

Qualification required to be eligible for the position of meeting officer. The by-laws of the immovable generally define the conditions for eligibility for the position of director. It may thus be provided in a declaration of co-ownership that this office is reserved for co-owners, while another may allow third parties to assume this responsibility.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ! Some declarations of co-ownership provide that the meeting officers cannot be members of the Board of Directors of the syndicate

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The declaration of co-ownership generally contains the terms and conditions concerning the conduct of the meeting of co-owners by defining rules of procedure and the role of the meeting officers. Key figures of the assembly of co-owners, they ensure the smooth running of it. Their appointment is therefore necessary for the holding of any meeting of co-owners. These are generally elected at the start of the meeting, in a separate vote taken by an absolute majority of the votes of the co-owners present or represented (50% of the votes plus one). This is an obligation that cannot be waived, because any decisions taken before their election has no legal value.
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