Definition : Motor vehicle - Electric vehicle (EV)

Vehicle which uses electricity stored in a high-capacity rechargeable battery on the electrical network as its main source of driving energy. The term simultaneously encompasses low-speed electric, all-electric, plug-in hybrid, heavy-duty electric and fuel cell vehicles as well as electric motorcycles and electric limited-speed motorcycles.

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Electric vehicles (EV) are increasingly seen as one of the ways to reduce the impact of car traffic on the climate. With the effort to be made to substantially reduce Quebec's greenhouse gas emissions and to contain the increase in temperatures by the end of the century, the sale of EV has become a must. In Quebec, in 2030, the number of EV is expected to increase to 1.5 million, or 30% of the Quebec car fleet. In 2035, the sale of new gasoline cars will be banned in Quebec and Canada. Paradoxically, the majority of buildings held in divided co-ownership are not equipped to allow EV charging. In addition, the declarations of co-ownership of these buildings have not provided for anything on this issue.
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