Definition : Noise - Soundproofing

Process for the purpose of avoiding the propagation of noise inside a private unit.

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You have just bought your new condo and for some time now, you have been hearing noise that prevents you from peacefully enjoying your unit, or even prevents you from sleeping completely. You question your neighbors and they face the same problem. But noise can stress, exasperate, tire, and even make you sick. What can be done to remedy this problem and regain tranquility? Here is the procedure to follow that we suggest in order to manage the situation.
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Acoustic comfort is an important element for the quality of life of the occupants of an apartment building. However, it is recognized that noise is one of the most common nuisances in co-ownership. Many disputes between co-owners arise from the noise generated by each other. This bone of contention generates several disputes. To be honest, the proper sound insulation of apartments is one of the main components to watch out for while shopping for a condo. It should be remembered, however, that "acoustic comfort" is not synonymous with sound transmission index (ITS). This index measures the soundproofing capacity (e.g. of a wall), i.e. the average transmission loss of airborne noise through an assembly, expressed in decibels (db). The higher the ITS index, the better the sound insulation.
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  I am constantly disturbed by noise in my condo, because its soundproofing is deficient. The co-owners living upstairs aggravate me, because of constant barking and loud music. My next door neighbour has the same problem with her neighbors above, who have recently installed hardwood floors! Question: What are our recourses to remedy this problem?  
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