Definition : Offer to purchase (promise to purchase) - Deposit

An amount paid in advance by the purchaser to the seller or to the acting notary, at the signing of the offer to purchase (promise to purchase) or before the signing of the deed of sale, which shall be deducted from the sale’s price.

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L'article 1068.1 du Code civil du Québec, issu du Projet de loi 16, obligera une plus grande transparence lors d'une transaction en copropriété. Le document d'attestation prévu dans cet article posera des questions pointues sur "l'état de la copropriété", afin que les acheteurs sortent du brouillard avant d'acquérir un appartement détenu en copropriété divise.
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At the time of concluding the offer to purchase, it is customary for the promising buyer to pay a deposit or security deposit of a variable amount. The amount thus paid will be deducted from the amount to be paid if the sale is concluded and will be remitted to the seller. Although a buyer is not legally required to pay a deposit, this practice offers the seller an additional guarantee as to his true intention to buy and his apparent solvency. All in all, this financial effort provided by the buyer is intended to dissuade him from abandoning his project in an irregular manner.      
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