Definition : Personal information - Protection of personal information

A rule of law designed to protect the right to privacy and confidentiality of personal information by limiting its collection, use and disclosure. 

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Question: I want to sell my apartment. I am aware that I must provide a number of documents to the real estate broker who takes care of the sale, to the buyer in the making whose offer I will have accepted and to the  notary who is in charge of drafting the official documents of the sale. Specifically, whatare the documents to be communicated to the buyer of a co-ownership?
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The board of directors occupies an important function in co-ownership governance. It holds meetings as often as the interest of the collectivity of co-owners require and addresses any matter that concerns the syndicate’s good management. These meetings are moderated by a president who ensures their efficient conduct. Directors can debate and reflect upon the orientations to give to their co-ownership. The more carefully and methodically the meetings are prepared, the more motivated and interested the members will be to participate thereto. Moreover, precise rules must be followed imperatively, otherwise the decisions taken could be invalidated.
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27 mars 2012-  Tout syndicat de copropriété doit constituer et maintenir des registres, en plus d’en permettre la consultation par les copropriétaires. Or, cet accès aux registres ne s’effectue pas toujours de façon harmonieuse. D’une part, il y a des copropriétaires suspicieux qui multiplient les demandes de consultation des registres, croyant y trouver une preuve de malversation de la part des administrateurs. D’autre part, ce sont parfois les administrateurs qui agissent en roitelets et refusent l’accès aux registres à un copropriétaire. Où se trouve le juste milieu ? 
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