Definition : Professional - Building professionnal

A natural person who holds a permit issued by a professional order involved in the construction, extension, renovation, repairs or alteration of buildings (professional technologist, engineer, architect).

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Work to be carried in common portions is to be undertaken by the syndicate of co-owners. In its capacity of the client, he is the instigator and the beneficiary thereof. It prepares the specifications and consequently the needs, the budget, the provisional calendar and the objectives to be achieved. In relation to such work, the syndicate should always be governed by its mission. It should never act as a substitute for the general contractor, such as mandating the subcontractors directly to do the work, or by interfering in the conduct of the construction site, in the place and stead of the people responsible therefor.  
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The syndicate of co-owner’s mission is to ensure the preservation of the immovable and the maintenance of the common portions. To ensure the good performance of the building, the syndicate involves various service providers (for example: a housekeeping company, an elevator operator, a building professional, etc.). Technical and property management aims at the conservation of common portions. In addition, a well-maintained building necessarily involves carrying out the necessary work to avoid the deterioration of the common portions. In the case of work, the syndicate has a central role. It puts the various service providers in competition upstream, and follows the site throughout its execution. In addition, to perform these tasks correctly, it is essential that the syndicate set up a maintenance logbook, an asset management plan and a certificate of the state of the immovable.
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