Definition : Property management - Autonomous manager

Management type under which the directors of a syndicate of co-ownership or one of them take on, the day-to-day management of a co-ownership.

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The manager bound to a syndicate by a contract for services does not have the same relationship with his client as the one who has the status of a salaried employee, at the end of a contract of employment. That being said, regardless of the nature of the relationship between the parties, it is advisable to specify the contract’s terms and conditions, including its obligations and its possible renewal. This will prevent misunderstandings and possible litigation. Terminating the contractual relationship between the manager and the syndicate of co-owners requires, at all times, an evaluation of the legal and contractual parameters. A review of the various scenarios illustrating the expiration or resiliation of a contract for services.
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Every syndicate of co-owners should retain the services of a condo manager, to assist the board of directors carrying out its duties. As the needs of a co-ownership are multiple and complex he needs to be the one man band of the co-ownership and assume enormous responsibilities. This being said, there are three management modes associated with this function, namely: resident-managers (autonomous management), employees (self-management) and contractors (external manager). A review of the various missions that may be entrusted to them.
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