Definition : Real estate tax - School tax

Real estate tax to be paid by a co-owner in respect of a private portion (such as, an apartment, a parking space or a locker) to a school service centre serving the territory where his immovable is situated. School taxes are the main source of revenue to fund expenses related to the activities of the school service centres, such as the management of their schools and a portion of school transportation services.

 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW! Common portions and common portions for restricted use are not subject to such real estate taxes, as they are already a part of the unit of assessment constituted by the private portion.

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Undivided co-ownership (by indivision) has existed since time immemorial, even before the existence of divided co-ownership. Indivision allows two or more people to own a building while sharing acquisition and operating costs. A co-ownership is said to be undivided when the right of ownership is not accompanied by a material division of the property. The building usually has a single lot number. The owners own a share of this lot. The municipal and school tax bills are thus intended for all the co-owners of the building, who must separate the costs. In addition, since 1994, the Civil Code of Quebec has contained several rules governing joint ownership.
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The notary is a jurist with the task of public officer, who ascertains the free and informed consent of the parties. The notary also has the role of legal adviser. It therefore protects consent. The intervention of the notary is very important when purchasing an apartment in a divided co-ownership. A professional, he is a member of the “Chambre des notaires du Québec” (Québec Chamber of Notaries). In this capacity, the notary's mission  is to receive, on behalf of his clients, the acts to which the parties must or want to have given the character of authenticity (such as  a declaration of co-ownership). Even though it is preferable that he should get involved at the outset of a transaction, this legal adviser usually gets involved  after the signing of the offer to purchase or of the preliminary contract.  
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