Definition : Register of co-ownership - Consultation

Action  by which the syndicate makes available to the co-owners or and their mandataries part of the documents kept in the register of the co-ownership. This consultation of the documents must be possible in the presence of a director or a person designated for that purpose by the board of directors, at reasonable hours and according to the rules provided in the by-laws of the immovable. In addition, every co-owner is entitled to obtain a copy of the content of the register and of any such documents at a reasonable cost.

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When our Board of directors communicates by email, with all the co-owners, this is done so that we do not see the email addresses of the co-owners. As a result, no one can see the response of others, so we cannot discuss the subject of communication. I find this quite contradictory, since according to our declaration of co-ownership we have to provide our contact information and our email address to the board of directors. In addition, it is indicated that the register contains the email address of all co-owners. The Board claims privacy justifies this approach to communication. Question: Am I entitled to require the Board of directors to provide me with the email address of the co-owners? 
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The law provides that a syndicate must keep a register at the disposal of the co-owners. In most cases the declarations of co-ownership list the items it contains. This register is the memory of the syndicate, and consequently, its archives. In is thus invaluable. Much more than a mere witness of the sound management of an immovable, it is its prime instrument. Therefore, preservation and access are the hallmarks of this register.
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Before purchasing a condo, you should gather any and all information available on the coveted co-ownership. This information should be as complete and thorough as possible. Obtaining a mandate from the co-owner/vendor, allows you to ask questions to the Board of Directors. You should then be able to obtain most of the documents containing the relevant information. Amongst the many documents to review, the four hereunder are a must:
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