Definition : Automatic door opener

Electrical opening of a door which is operated by a pressure plate bearing the accessibility pictogram. This device includes an electronic control, a motor and a drive mechanism.

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Under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, adisabled co-owner is asking us to install four automatic door openers in the common portions, two of which have a remote-controlled joystick.  This co-owner told us that a significant portion of the installation costs would be covered by the Home Adaptation Program of the Société d'habitation du Québec (SHQ). However, when it was purchased, more than two years ago, this co-owner was already in a wheelchair.  He must have been aware that the building was not suitable for his condition. Knowing that the costs for the installation of these automatic door openers will far exceed the amounts allocated by the grant, not to mention the inspections and maintenance afterwards, we find that the financial impact for our co-ownership is excessive and unreasonable.  Question: Under the circumstances, are we required to accept his request, or can we refuse it?
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