Definition : Adhesion contract

A contract in which  its essential provisions:

This type of contract’s provisions are deemed to have been accepted to the party entering into it.  

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  The declaration of co-ownership is a convention that organizes and regulates the collective life of the co-owners and occupants of the building. This Convention defines in particular their rights and obligations. It is usually developed unilaterally by the developer or owner of the building. Legally, the declaration of co-ownership is a real contract of adhesion, because any new co-owner is obliged to adhere to it. This is a key legal document. Its publication gives rise to the co-ownership and the syndicate. Look at the different aspects of the declaration of co-ownership.  
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The sale of a residential immovable to a physical person who buys it to live in it, irrespective that it is already built or to be built by a builder or developer, must necessarily (it is required by Law) be preceded by a preliminary contract.
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