Definition : Adhesion contract

Contract whose terms have been drafted and imposed unilaterally by one of the parties involved, or according to his instructions. The provisions laid down therein shall be presumed to have been accepted by the person acceding to them. When a fraction is sold by a developer, the declaration of co-ownership generally constitutes a contract of adhesion when it cannot be freely discussed.

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4 juin 2022 — Le projet de loi 96 (Loi sur la langue officielle et commune du Québec, le français) a (PL 96) été adopté le 24 mai dernier par l’Assemblée nationale du Québec (Vote : Pour 79, Contre 29, Abstention 0) et sanctionné le 1er juin 2022. Ce projet de loi modifie une vingtaine de lois et règlements, dont le Code civil du Québec. Il constitue une modification majeure à la Charte de la langue française (Loi 101) qui avait été adoptée en 1977. Le PL 96 propose ainsi diverses modifications législatives dans plusieurs secteurs d’activités, à savoir celles relatives à l’État québécois et à la société en général. Son objectif vise la protection et la valorisation de la langue française.
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A co-owner accidentally broke down the garage door with his vehicle. This needs to be changed completely. His insurer offers to compensate us only partially. This one offers us to pay 90% of the bill because of the depreciation. Question: Are we required to accept this proposal? Answer: Technically yes. The basis of a claim for compensation as a result of damage caused by a co-owner to the common or private parts is civil liability, which may be "contractual", in the event of a breach of an obligation contained in a contract (for example: the declaration of co-ownership), or "extra-contractual" if the fault alleged is the breach of an obligation provided for by law generally governing relations between individuals.
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The declaration of co-ownership is an agreement that organizes and regulates the collective life of the co-owners and occupants of the building. This convention defines in particular their rights and obligations. As it is an authentic act, it must be received by a notary. The declaration of co-ownership is often signed by the developer who acts as sole proprietor, or sometimes, by co-owners who wish to subject their immovable (held in joint ownership) to the regime of divided co-ownership, as well as by hypothecary creditors. This document must subsequently be published in the land register. Its publication gave rise to co-ownership and the syndicate. Any new co-owner is obliged to adhere to it. A look at the different aspects of the declaration of co-ownership.  
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The sale of a residential immovable intended for a natural person who acquires it to live in it, whether it is built or to be built by a builder or developer, must be preceded by a preliminary contract.  Article 1785 of the Civil Code of Quebec obliges the builder to enter into such a prior-contract with the buyer (which precedes the contract of sale itself). This contract formalizes the promise to sell and buy the property by the parties involved in a transaction. In particular, it sets the purchase price of the home, its delivery date and the date of the deed of sale, usually the day on which the buyer will be able to move in. A deposit will usually be required when he signs it.
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