Definition : Administrator of the property of others

Natural or legal person who is charged with the of administration of property or a patrimony that is not his own. The day-to-day administration of the syndicate may be entrusted to a co-ownership manager who acts as the administrator of the property of others in charge of simple administration.  The manager may not sell or hypothecate the property. For the purposes of the Act respecting the legal publicity of sole proprietorships, partnerships and legal persons, the administrator of the property of others represents the syndicate of co-owners and has the same rights and obligations as the syndicate.

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Distinguishing between the function of the Co-ownership manager (gérant) and the Condo manager (gestionnaire) is not an easy task. Most participants who work in the field of co-ownership are struggling with this issue. In fact, the general perception of the similarity of their incumbent duties is wrong, as there are several differences between these two functions. The Co-ownership manager has decision-making powers regarding the management of the co-ownership. On the other hand the Condo manager acts as an advisor and is the one who implements the decisions made by the board of directors. This does not preclude him from making recommendations before these decisions are implemented. A discussion on two similar but not identical functions whose attributes, powers and duties are to be distinguished in many ways.
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