Definition : Legal recourse - Application for homologation

Judicial application to obtain court approval of a juridical act in the nature of a decision (e.g., an arbitration award) or of an agreement, to give it the same force and effect as a judgment.

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We are only two co-owners and directors. When I arrived a year ago, there was no management of the co-ownership, no assembly. I have held two meetings for a year and informed the other co-owner of the legislation in terms of co-ownership and the existence of the declaration of co-ownership, the latter having no notion on this subject. In addition, a year ago, I told him that his balcony needed to be repaired since it was flowing (rust) on my patio. Each co-owner must see to the maintenance of the balcony and patio. He mentioned to me that he was aware that it had been in this state for at least 4 years. I was afraid that the balcony would collapse this winter with the weight of the snow. We are the two signatories on the account. Therefore, I could not undertake the work on behalf of the syndicate. Questions: What can I do to require the work to be done quickly? Send him a formal notice ? I may no longer have his collaboration at all, which is already difficult.
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Co-ownership conflicts often arise from a lack of knowledge of the rules governing the immovable, a lack of communication or transparency, or from an unresolved misunderstanding. Know that in such cases, a trial is not the only avenue available to you. Before commencing legal proceedings, and even once they are engaged, and even once they are initiated, there is always time to opt for the services of a mediator. The latter, who is a neutral and impartial third party, could help you resolve (without decision-making power) a dispute between a co-owner and the syndicate or members of the board of directors between them.
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