Definition : Association of co-ownership syndicates

Association of syndicates of co-owners created to share the cost of some services dedicated to several immovables held in co-ownership, or for the pursuit of common interests. This type of association  is not intended to generate or to share profits .

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Article 1083 of the Civil Code of Quebec allows syndicates of co-owners to regroup within an association. The latter can thus pool resources for the maintenance and conservation of their immovable. By seeking strength in numbers, the united syndicates of co-owners can devise effective strategies to better cope with some common expenses and achieve economies of scale
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The Civil Code of Québec grants the syndicate of co-owners extensive powers to administer the co-ownership. These powers are established on the basis of the collective interests of the immovable.They are based on four principles: the preservation of the immovable, the administration of the common portions, the protection of the collective rights and the amendments to the declaration of co-ownership.
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