Definition : Buyer (purchaser)

Natural or legal person who acquires or wishes to acquire a private portion (e.g. an apartment, a locker and a parking space).

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Question:  At the time of the purchase of my condo, do I have a right to ask the seller for a certified true copy (authentic copy) of the Declaration of Co-Ownership?
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  You have found the apartment of your dreams. At last, you will buy the property  you have coveted. But before signing the offer to purchase, nagging doubts are in the back of your mind, you have many questions:
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After reaching an agreement on the conditions of sale with a builder or developer, you will be asked to sign a preliminary contract.
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The final step in the purchase of your apartment is the signing of the deed of sale. As soon as all the prior conditions of the sale are satisfied, the vendor must transfer the property upon the payment of the price.
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