Definition : Cannabis

Plant which, when consumed, causes a euphoric effect. It may take the form, without limitation, of :

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Cette webradio traite de l'usage prohibé du cannabis dans plusieurs copropriétés au Québec, des occupants qui enfreignent cette interdiction, ainsi que des problèmes qu'entraîne la migration d'odeurs, en raison d'une mauvaise compartimentation entre les appartements d'un immeuble.
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  February 24, 2018 – The Syndicates of co-ownership who apprehend potential conflicts in their immovable, in view of the legalization of marijuana, can act effectively while there is still time. You should know that it is possible to ban this substance, both in the private and common portions, provided that you act before cannabis is decriminalized by the federal government. Apartments held in co-ownerships can be poorly compartmentalized or have deficient ventilation. Thus, second-hand smoke - such as from tobacco and marijuana - makes its way into adjoining units, often resulting in neighborhood disturbances.
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