Definition : Certified Professional Accountant

A professional, member of the “Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec (CPA)” (Certified Professional Accountant Order of Québec) consulted by a person to keep the books, examine or verify its financial statements, as the case may be. He is governed by the Professional Code and the Chartered Professional Accountants Act.

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Your condo does not necessarily need a Chartered Professional Accountant to present its financial information, whether it is the financial statements, financial forecasts or funding requests. Competent administrators or contractors supervised by the directors could do the job and present the required financial information. The need however could however be felt if the owners have doubts about the work done, the skills or the honesty of the current administration. Internal reporting to co-owners may also be absent or deficient. It is also possible that the general by-laws require the production of certified financial statements.
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When you buy a unit in divided co-ownership, you do not only acquire an  apartment. You also join a group of co-owners responsible for the accounts to be paid to maintain and preserve the building. It is therefore important to be careful and to check, upstream, the financial statements and the good management of the syndicate. To get a clearer picture, the two basic questions to ask are: Have the directors put in place an appropriate management? And do they have a good control of its financial component? To find out, you should ask questions to your vendor and the syndicate. This will allow you to see whether the condominium follows rigorous accounting methods or not.
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Question: We would like to know if the law requires having our syndicate’s financial statements audited by an accountant.
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