Definition : Child

Natural person, under 18 years of age, in development and dependent on his parents or other adults. Every child has a right to the protection, security and attention that his parents or the persons acting in their stead are able to give to him.

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I am a co-owner in a co-ownership in phases of 10 syndicates of co-owners who share a grassy lot in common part. Until the arrival of young children in the condos the space was not very busy. Currently it is the regular meeting place for children and their parents (end of the day during the week and weekends depending on the temperature). The temporary installation of inflatable games and water games (stored after each use) attracts several children from the neighborhood and consequently increases the noise level. Many homeowners who live nearby complain about the noise and use of this space. In our declaration of co-ownership, it is mentioned that the tranquility of all co-owners must be respected.
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The Law and the overwhelming majority of declarations of co-ownership require that syndicates of co-owners insure their building. This may seem surprising at first glance as the syndicate does not own the private portions nor the common portions. However, its main object is to ensure the preservation and the longevity of the building and to manage and administer it diligently following rules of the trade. This is why the legislator has given to the syndicate an insurable interest and has made it compulsory that it subscribe building insurance.  
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