Definition : Cockroache

Nocturnal insect with a flattened body, which is considered to be a pest when it frequents inhabited places.

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Parasitic disorders in co-ownership are well and truly present. They take the form of infestations of various insects, including cockroaches, carpenter ants, silverfish and Bed Bugs, not to mention rats, mouse,and field mice, whose presence has a repugnant effect and possibly harmful to human health. These insects and animals intrude unexpectedly into an apartment, or even an entire co-ownership, and can make its occupants live a nightmare. Noise in the pipes and noise at night caused by rats and mice add to the equation. Most of the time, it is up to the syndicate of co-owners, with regard to its obligation to maintain the common portions and preserve the building, to mandate a company specialized in pest management in order to carry out a disinsection or a deratization, or both. If that is the case, three questions will need to be answered: who is to blame, who should act and who should bear the costs?
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