Definition : Director - Code of ethics

Set of moral principles, rules and duties, established by the Civil Code of Québec and the declaration of co-ownership, the object of which is to govern the behavior of a director.

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Every director must ensure that the rights relating to the immovable or co-ownership are safeguarded. In that regard, he must ensure the respect of the declaration of co-ownership by the co-owners, the lessees and the occupants of the building. Its duties, obligations and responsibilities are imposed on it under the Civil Code of Quebec and the constituting act of co-ownership. However, the civil liability of a director for the tasks incumbent upon him is largely unrecognised. It should be noted that failure to act with prudence, diligence, honesty and loyalty in the performance of his duties may engage his personal liability. A director must always keep in mind the interest of the co-owners' community. Thousands of Quebecers who sit on an annual basis on a Board of Directors, such as yourself perhaps, are unaware of this reality.
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Être administrateur de copropriété n'est certes pas toujours facile. Cette charge est lourde de responsabilités et comporte des hauts et des bas. Mais l'important, c'est qu'à la fin de son mandat, tout administrateur ait le sentiment du devoir accompli.
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The director of a co-ownership is called to play a key role in the sound management of the co-ownership and preservation of the patrimony of the co-owners. To strengthen and maintain the relationship of trust with them, every director must be fair, honest and loyal toward the Syndicate and the co-wners. The director must also respect ethical standards and the Code of conductstipulated by the Civil Code of Quebec and the declaration of co-ownership. In case of doubt, directors must act according to the spirit of those principles and rules. They must also arrange their personal affairs in such a manner that they cannot interfere with the performance of their duties.
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