Definition : Extranet

Secure digital space, on which the syndicate of co-owners can make available to the members of the board of directors and co-owners the dematerialized documents of the register of the co-ownership. This access is differentiated according to the nature of the documents made available to the co-owners or administrators. This includes, in particular, the declaration of co-ownership, the register of co-owners and lessees (name and address of each), the minutes of General Meetings of the Co-owners and the Board of Directors, the plans and specifications of the building (as) built, a copy of the cadastral plan, the contracts to which the syndicate is a party, the financial statements, a description of the private portions that is sufficiently precise to allow any improvements made by the co-owners to be identified (reference unit) and all other documents relating to the immovable and the syndicate.

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The law provides that the syndicate must keep a register available to the co-owners. Article 342 of the Civil Code of Quebec specifies that the board of directors shall keep the list of members, as well as the books and registers necessary for the proper functioning of the legal person.  This register represents the memory of the building for those who administer it. It constitutes the history of the experience of the condominium from its conception, and this by specifying its maintenance and the work undertaken, while listing the contractors and suppliers who intervened. In this sense, it is invaluable. The syndicate must preserve for organizational and management purposes, or for legal protection and evidence purposes, all documents and information relating to the operation of the co-ownership. That is why "preservation", "access" and "archives" are the hallmarks of this register.
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