Definition : Fine (penalty)

Sanction imposing upon a co-owner the payment of an amount of money, determined in advance, in case of a contravention of the declaration of co-ownership. The syndicate of co-owners imposing a fine bases its decision solely on the co-owner's breach (and not on the damage resulting from his breach). However, the court is entitled to reduce the sanction if the penal clause which provides for it, is abusive

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Les copropriétaires irrespectueux du règlement de l’immeuble (déclaration de copropriété) sont nombreux. Leurs infractions peuvent notamment se traduire par du tapage nocturne (trouble anormal de voisinage), un animal bruyant ou le non-respect des règles relatives au stationnement. Ces comportements peuvent causer un préjudice sérieux à certains copropriétaires ou au syndicat. En pareille situation, il revient au conseil d’administration d’agir, en faisant respecter les règlements prévus dans la déclaration de copropriété. Dès qu’un manquement est constaté ou porté à sa connaissance, en cette matière, il doit intervenir pour que cesse un comportement délinquant. Les copropriétaires concernés ne doivent donc pas hésiter à se tourner vers leur syndicat, en l’occurrence les administrateurs, afin que soient mises en œuvre diverses mesures visant à sanctionner toute personne fautive.
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I live on the 5th floor of an 8-storey building. The co-owner on the 7th storey uses his balcony to let the dog urinate and defecate. Unfortunately, the urine and droppings fall back on our balconies. The situation has been going on for almost two years. We sent him e-mails, but they didn’t solve anything. The syndicate has been aware of this situation for a year and a half but nothing is happening. The last few weeks the situation has worsened, because we receive several times a day drops of urine and it stains the windows and the smell is always present. I have to remove my plants and herbs from the edge of the balcony. This week I made a complaint to the City, which should send the co-owner a letter. Question: If the situation persists, I would like to know what are my rights?
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The declaration of co-ownership includes the set of rules ensuring the efficient organization of a co-ownership. Its knowledge by the members of the board of directors and by each co-owner is essential to the proper operation of the co-ownership. This co-owners reference document is consulted, for example, in the case of work. For a promisor-buyer, the declaration of co-ownership contains a wealth of useful information regarding the conditions of use and enjoyment of the private and common portions. Hence the necessity of reading this document before buying, to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially as to the use one intends to make of his private portion.
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Renting accommodation for 31 days or less is a short-term tourist rental, a practice that is regulated by law. If short-term rentals such as "Airbnb ®" are allowed in your co-ownership, any owner of an apartment who wishes to rent it to tourists must do certain checks. The most important is to ensure that it complies with the Tourist Accommodation  Act (Act) and its regulations (Regulations). He must also ensure that he does not contravene municipal by-laws regarding nuisance, health or safety. In addition, municipalities can adopt by-laws that govern, or sometimes prohibit, this type of tourist rental.  
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