Definition : Flat-rate unit price contract

Contract by which a contractor or service provider undertakes to provide a service for a fixed price per work unit. The total price will be determined by multiplying the quantities actually carried out or supplied by the agreed unit price and according to the work actually carried out.  Although the total amount is not known at the outset, it should be noted that the unit price has a flat-rate aspect in that it includes, for a work unit, all the burdens on the contractor, and cannot be modified (unless there is an amendment).  In large-scale projects, some public or private contracts provide for a level, usually 15%, beyond which unit costs must be renegotiated in the event of exceeding the quantities estimated in the contract.

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Le jeudi 26 mai 2022, la webradio Condolegal a porté sur les contrats d’entretien, de rénovation ou de construction en copropriété Pour entretenir les parties communes de la copropriété et assurer la conservation de l’immeuble, il est nécessaire pour le syndicat de souscrire à un certain nombre de contrats d’entretien ou de construction. En qualité de représentant du syndicat des copropriétaires, c’est le conseil d’administration qui a généralement le pouvoir de souscrire tous les contrats de la copropriété. Pour gérer les coûts et déterminer les obligations de chacun, il est primordial pour les administrateurs de distinguer les principaux types de contrats, à savoir le contrat à forfait, le contrat à prix coûtant majoré et le contrat forfaitaire à prix unitaire.
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To maintain the common portions of the co-ownership and ensure the preservation of the immovable, it is necessary for the syndicate to subscribe to a certain number of maintenance or construction contracts. As the representative of the syndicate of co-owners, it is the board of directors that generally has the power to subscribe to all the contracts of the co-ownership. To manage costs and determine the obligations of each, it is essential for directors to distinguish the main types of contracts. This fact sheet provides an update on the most common contracts in this area, namely the lump sum contract, the cost-plus contract and the flat-rate unit price contract.
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