Definition : Immovable

Immovable property not susceptible of being moved (a house, an apartment, a residential tower, bare land) as well as the constructions and work of a permanent nature therein and all that is an integral part thereof. Movables incorporated with an immovable that lose their individuality and ensure the utility of the immovable form an integral part of the immovable.

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The Civil Code of Québec confers juridical personality on the community of co-owners. Article 1039 of the Civil Code of Quebec provides that as soon as the declaration of co-ownership is published, the community of co-owners constitutes a legal person called a syndicate of co-owners. Those duties and obligations are mainly aimed to ensure the preservation of the immovable, the administration of the common portions and the protection of the rights affecting the immovable or co-ownership, as well as all operations in the common interest. However, it is essential to understand them well because failure to comply with these duties and obligations towards a co-owner or a third party could lead to the civil liability of a syndicate.
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