Definition : Indivision

The situation in which several persons own together the same property without their ownership being attached to a specific part of the property.

In divided co-ownership, this is so for:

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Question: Are the co-owners of a vertical co-ownership considered undivided in the horizontal condominium? And if so, what would be the impact on representativeness at the general meeting of the horizontal condominium (AGM)?  For example, could a few co-owners of a vertical condominium act for all the co-owners without having previously held proxies as for the undivided co-owners of a condo during the vertical condominium AGM?
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  When shopping for an apartment, you must find out if it is in a divided or undivided co-ownership. Even though both concepts are similar in that their ultimate goal is the partition of an immovable between several persons called co-owners, the financial and legal commitments are different.  
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Question: I do not understand how my right to vote at co-ownership meetings works. As a matter of fact, I am not the sole owner of my unit: my spouse and I are both on the ownership title, we are co-owners of equal shares (50%-50%). I have the impression that if I go to a meeting without my spouse, I will not be able to vote validly. Is this correct?
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Question: In the declaration of co-ownership, there is a table determining the relative value of the apartment I plan to buy. And I am told that the allocation of common expenses is particularly in relation to this same "relative value". I wonder what exactly it is and whether it can be changed at the time of purchase?
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